We represent accident victims and have for over thirty years. We are both aggressive and thorough. We use all tools to resolve you case in your favor. We have handled and tried cases before both federal and state courts, arbitrators and panels, mediators and private negotiation to get your case resolved in a most beneficial manner.

Representative Actions:

*Successful prosecution of automobile accident claims where insurance companies dispute liability, injuries and coverage.

Eighty Five year old driver with long term pre-existing spinal conditions aggravated by auto-accident receives policy limit award in the hundreds of thousands.

Shopping center chair collapse, multiple bankrupt parties. Six figure settlement with Lease holder.

Child driving bicycle hit in parking lot, unaware of vehicle traffic, settled for six figures.

Auto collision, long term gap in treatment after initial injury, back surgery, settled for Significant compensation.

Actions involving defective products and failure of external devices including elevators, Electronic devises, and dangerous consumer products placed in commerce.