Business & Technology


We steer our business clients in a manner that encourages business development. We are often their most trusted advisor. Our most critical task is to avoid disputed and focus on Business. However when disputed arise we are experience in protecting their business. We represent entrepreneurs and their entities from startup through financing and succession. We form LLC’s, corporations and various partnership forms. We protect the companies intellectual property and hard assets. We have significant expertise in drafting complex business agreements, licensing, as well as structuring business sales and acquisition. We are active in a large variety of industries and channels of trade.

Representative Actions:

*Recent sale of digital technology company within the advertising space for muti-million dollar transaction.

*Successful defense of business owner against claims for violations of noncompetition agreements and non-solicitation.

*Successful prosecution of rouge employee who took accounts from his New England employer to sell to European vendors in violation of licensing agreements.

Sample Business Agreements we draft:

Technology Law and transfer Copyright/Trademark Licenses

Royalty Agreements Consulting Agreements

Employments and Training Agreements Training Agreements

Stock Plans Vendor Agreements

Business Start-up documents Purchase Agreements

Software Agreements

Web Agreements