We represent all types of individuals and their business interests in the area of copyright.
Copyright protects expression. We have been involved assisting training companies, artists, web designers, artists, advertisers, developers, content managers, writers, and other professionals protect their valuable property in this complex area of the law. When matters are in dispute we defend and prosecute matters in the U.S. Courts.  We  register our clients valuable protected expression. We advise clients on the best practices to seek protection under the copyright act.


  • Successful prosecution of an infringement action for artist drawings by a large multinational corporation who made derivative designs without license from the artist.
  • Successful prosecution of rouge employee who left training company and then set up a competitor company using our client’s copyrighted materials.
  • Review and report on all aspects of a Universities’ Intellectual Property (IP), review use policies and craft policies and procedures for fair use and IP Practices.
  • Register and counsel a variety of companies and institutions on their IP and copyrighted materials, including take down procedures, fair use policies, registrations and policies for internal management of copyrighted materials.