We represent clients in their claims for failure to honor their insurance contract obligations.  We bring claims for denial of benefits when our clients are holders of a valid policy that the insurance company fails to honor. We file lawsuits against insurance companies for many different reasons and breaches of contract by insurance companies including:

  • Failure to pay premiums due to insurance companies narrow reading of policy coverage provisions.
  • Unfair cancellation based on a failure to notify policy of cancellation.
  • Actions declaring policy language provides coverage to our insured clients.
  • Termination of benefits on employer group benefits programs without regard to rights of policyholder.

Insurance companies draft the contracts we sign we buy insurance. They protect their own interests. However, where the language of an insurance contract is unclear general rules of construction are construed in favor of the insured. When insurance companies deny our clients their rightful coverage we aggressively pursue recovery. We have done so for over thirty years.