We represent individuals prepare their wills and estate plans. We draft Different plans depending on the client’s needs. We find that often clients are recommended To form trusts that avoid probate but increase expenses. Our review is a holistic approach to determine the form that best suits their needs. Often times a trust is necessary to preserve the family home. For some a trust is necessary to defer or minimize tax liability.  Often our clients are in need of control of their assets during a long and fruitful retirement. We plan accordingly. We successfully intervene when an interest in an asset is in dispute. We represent Executors and Heirs in their rights to inheritance.

Representative Actions:

Recently we represented an heir of an estate who was disinherited by a gift before death to a charitable corporation engaging in fraud.

We represent victims of undue influence. Often the elderly in drafting their estate plan are pressured to do so by relatives or organizations that seek to subvert the natural intent of the person drafting their will or estate plan. We intervene to insure the true intent of the donor is upheld.

We draft wills, powers of attorneys, health care documents, trusts and succession plans both simple and complex and dependent on the needs of our clients.